A great new way to track your success

This week, a few of my Facebook friends have posted links to a site called Daily Mugshot. I finally clicked through and when I did, I immediately fell in love.

I flipped through some of the galleries, entranced in how different people can look day to day, and by how different people look from each other. These aren’t major life revelations. But when you work from home or are stuck in front of a computer screen all day, seeing faces — real people’s faces, not avatars or photos from 1987 — it is compelling.

As I watched people’s daily looks flash by on high speed, it occurred to me what a great tool this would be if you are on any kind of journey to get healthier. Whether you are losing weight, exercising more, getting extra hours of sleep, decaffeinating, or are pregnant, in recovery, or improving your posture, Daily Mugshot could be a way to catalog all those little changes that add up over weeks, months, or a year.

Think how cool it would be for the Shredheads to track their progress like this. Or how fun it would be to see your belly shrink or worry lines soften as the reward for your hard work to get healthier? And think how accountable you’d have to be if you snapped shots of your lunch every day or digitally tracked the days you meditate.

It looks easy enough to sign up, only requiring a digital camera, camera phone, or webcam to record your photos. The site sends you a reminder and once your daily pic is uploaded, it is added to your personal page, where photos are displayed in a mosaic or a slideshow. If your up for more, you can then post the slideshow to your own blog, or your Facebook and MySpace profiles.

There are so many great, creative ways you could use this website. So why not? If a picture’s worth a thousand words, think how much you could say with a year’s worth of daily photos.