If you have ever looked closely at the air space in a room as the sun shined through the window, you may have been shocked by what you saw. What you assumed to be clean air, was full of dust, pollen, smoke, and other toxins.

We wish to emphasize the importance of receiving plenty of clean air. We also understand how difficult this may be, especially if you are living in a city, near a factory, or by a dumping site. The constant subjection to automobile exhaust, smoke, factory pollutions, toxins? and neurotoxins, eventually takes a terrible toll on the body if it goes unchecked, and can very quickly become ONE of the aspects causing a person to feel constantly fatigued. We recommend that you keep windows cracked as often as possible to allow for the flow of fresh air into the home or office. Get out into the
fresh air and sunshine when possible as well, making sure that you do not spend much time in the direct sunlight. If your office does not have windows, you need to get outside as often as possible, and NOT by the smoking section.

Breathing the re-circulated air of office buildings is often the cause of many illnesses which lead to a fatigued mind and body. A recommendation that we put forth for all people, (especially those in
the cities), is to purchase a quality portable air filter system. We understand that the better units do cost a good deal of money, and so this is obviously recommended as a step that should be taken only when you are financially prepared to do so.

It is recommended that you aquire a system that comes equipped with a negative ionizer. The negative ionizer will produce negative ions which will attach themselves to the positive ions of the pollutants in the room, which will then fall to the floor. The combination of a quality air filter system, circulation of fresh air from opened windows and even the introduction of more plants into the room will lead to a higher consumption of oxygen. Remember, a lack of oxygen to the brain is the culprit of many different ailments and diseases, (such as stroke).? We should endeavor to ensure that
our bodies receive plenty of oxygen. We also need to be sure that our circulatory system is working at peak performance so that it may carry the life giving oxygen to every cell of our brains and body.
(Note that exercise is the perfect way to work on both of these needs at the same exact time.)

1) Get as much clean air as possible.
2) Open Windows.
3) Spend time outside.
4) Aquire an air filter system with a negative ionize
5) Exercise