Importance of Fruits and Vegies

The medical expert doctor, Nancy L. Snyderman MD on the Today Show on Thursday morning was resigned to stating that “Weight Watchers has been right or had the right idea all along”. Let me just state that Weight Watchers has been in business for 47 years. They do Billions and Billions and Billions of dollars in sales each year in the US and the extent of their vast program is to tell their clients to eat less by counting ”Points” daily and to weigh in once a week in front of a group of their peers… And that wisdom costs each and every client at least $600 a year… Trust me, there is more to weight loss than eat less and weigh-in once a week.

It’s just a shame that the most recent study that was released a couple of days ago from one of the most respected medical journals on the planet (New England Journal of Medicine) has completely missed the boat… again. The problem of obesity is beyond epidemic and the long term issues will shorten the life span of our current and future generations of seniors… that is a frightening prediction.

This most recent New England Journal study states that eating fewer calories or portion control, is the most important factor in losing weight. That is such an over-simplification, it is silly. They again boiled weight loss down to the old, “Calories in vs. Calories out mentality…

In January of 2005, JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical association published a one year study that stated essentially the “Same” end results. The 2005 JAMA study concluded that, “Sticking with the diet program, regardless of which program it is, is the most important factor in producing weight loss”.

The human body is NOT a Calorometer. It is not a calorie operated or calorie driven machine. Don’t be fooled. We all understand this intuitively, but “research” like this undermines the logic. Let me ask two basic, very logical questions that blow both of these studies out of the water and throw these results out of the window.

#1 Do 1000 calories of chocolate cake have the same effect in a human body as 1000 calories of lean chicken breast or the same effect as 1000 calories of a Big Mac or the same effect as 1000 calories of green beans??? and #2 If everyone that you knew ate exactly the same foods, would everybody respond exactly the same way to each of those foods??? The answer is a logical and resounding NO…

Then why do the experts keep telling us this nonsense. There is nothing more confusing to me than reading a forum or a blog on weight loss anywhere on the internet. The ”industry experts” seem to always be talking about, “Pills, Points or Protein” There is more to the solution than those three. America is ready for the solution. I’m confident that we are a resourceful bunch of folks who are ready for the answer. The solution is here.

Thinergetics is the Truth About Weight Loss…